About Us

Who We Are

We are a group of individuals from very different backgrounds who believe that the promises being made to support the disadvantaged in today's Society are not being delivered on........ and we are passionately focused on changing that!

Our Beliefs

We believe that every person has VALUE, wants to be a better version of themselves and wants to achieve something with their lives ........ no matter their past.

We believe CHANGE is possible for anyone and everyone when the right support mechanisms and services are in place and when there is a binding ideology that underpins our objectives as an organisation.

And what is that ideology? - ALTRUISM

(Definition - acting out of concern for another’s well-being when they see others in desperate circumstances and feel empathy and a desire to help)

Our Values






Our Focus

To combine our diverse individual experience and capabilities together to deliver a Programme of Change that truly makes a difference.

This combined knowledge, the paths each have taken, the difficulties each has conquered and struggles each has risen above gives insight and an enviable skill-set to "GIVE BACK" to Society and those that really need help in a way that others seemingly cannot and have not.