Good Causes We Support

King Social Care support and promote other Charities and Volunteer organisations / groups that share an equal passion to provide a service to those who are disadvantaged, impacted. affected, homeless, vulnerable, lonely and in need.

We urge anyone that is able to offer assistance to such organisations to do whatever they can to help, even if that is just to raise awareness of who they are and what they do, so together we can help make Society better and deliver support to all who need help.

Click on the image of the of the organisation to be taken to the website to find out what each are doing.

Do You Know a Good Cause that we should be promoting?

We are always looking for good causes to support so if you know of such a cause we would love to hear about them and see if we can help in some way. Tell us by sending an email through our "Contact Us" page with their details.

Together we can help everyone achieve betterment and improve Society for ALL.

The Vision Organisation UK are a nonprofit organisation for the homeless/lonely and vulnerable, here to restore the vision of individuals by bringing back the dream they once had as before people become Homeless/Lonely or Vulnerable they all had a dream, now our mission is to revive that dream and bring it back to life.