Our Partners

As a Community Organisation partnering is a key element of our delivery approach.

Partnerships enable us to ensure that we bring in specialist capabilities to deliver in specialist areas, and through partnerships we ensure that we provide a Focused Service with the right skills and knowledge to deliver "real world" Outcomes and help those we strive to help.

How we select partners is critical to what we provide.

We select partner businesses / organisations based upon:

Partners who are aligned and focused on service outcomes for the same Societal groups

Partners who provide specialist skills and capabilities

Partners who have proven track record of successful delivery

Partners who share our values and passion

Our Partners

WorkWorks Training Solutions provides employment-focused programmes designed to create tangible avenues for those who desire to get back into the workforce and provide them with a strong sense of empowerment

CherryTree Foundation is a Community Regeneration company dedicated to the well-being of young people and adults who are mostly from disadvantaged areas.

Access UK are an organisation set up to create a conducive environment for young BME men and women to develop into successful, independent, socially and economically equipped individuals of the future.

Qualified 4 Life provide professional training / further training / reassessment with a more personal, relaxed and friendly experience through flexible delivery provision with nationally recognised ACS / Diploma certified courses for Gas Engineers / Plumbers / Electricians.

Pansanity works with young adults involved in gang culture, knife and violent crime, by taking them off the street and providing coaching at our fitness studio as a tool to get young people involved with having a career in fitness.