12 Month Programme

"The Contract"

Each young person we work with signs a 12 Month Service Contract with a tailored Personal Development Plan (PDP) with mapped Personal Development Objectives (PDOs) which will be discussed, agreed and documented which they have to sign.

The Personal Development Plan (PDP) then enables us to monitor progress against each individual component objective and the specified target outcomes.

Each young person commits to ensure that the following is true while in our care / throughout participation in the programme:

No abusive language used

No aggressive or threatening behaviour

No drug use - Zero Tolerance

No alcohol consumption - Zero Tolerance

Respect to all Staff Members

Respect to all Service Users / Programme Attendees

No theft of any kind - Zero Tolerance

Any offensive weapons found in your possession shall be reported to the relevant authorities

How Do We Manage "The Contract" Commitments?

Let's be clear, our focus is NOT to see anyone who we work with fail.

We understand that mistakes are made and we are not looking to punish anyone or strip them from the support we are providing but we have to know that the people we are working with want to be successful in achieving POSITIVE CHANGE as much as we are focused on helping to achieve their goals.

Aftercare - When the Programme has been completed

King Social Care will support you for up to 12 months (min) and longer if required.

We want to make POSITIVE CHANGE a permanent outcome and are committed to doing so for those who successfully complete the Programme.