Why Are We Doing This

We know that we can "actually" deliver change where others have not

The Directors come from a very diverse set of career paths but are joined in our view of what needs to happen and how we can deliver REAL outcomes.

Each of us, through our own career paths, know why other organisations trying to deliver what we do fail.

Without real world knowledge of the struggles that marginalised youth experience, other organisations cannot truly appreciate the challenges they face and so struggle to understand and engage with those they are trying to help.

Each of the Directors of King Social Care (KSC C.I.C.) has faced challenges in their lives they have overcome and that in turn has given them the insight in to Societal needs for today's affected marginalised youth.

What Differentiates Us?

We are combining relevant approaches from Corporate, Social Care and Sport to empower a generation of hard to reach young males (13 to 24) to see a better way, believe in themselves and implement positive change in their lives.

We use specialist partners who are aligned from an ethnic, Societal and value set to strengthen our reach and success rate in what we do.

We only employ people who have come from disadvantaged backgrounds who have been able to change their futures and have become positive members of Society. This means that all employees have overcome the same kind of challenges in their own lives and are therefore the best people to help the neglected youth of today.